Business Performance Optimization

Business Performance Optimization

We specialize in Amazon Web Services because of its power to improve an organization’s operational efficiency with respect to IT applications and infrastructure. There are times however, when optimizing business performance does not call for any change in the IT department, but rather, a more broad evaluation of general business practices.

Skypunch has years of experience:

  • reviewing, designing and redesigning business workflows. If your organization does something a certain way because that′s how it′s always been done, it is probably a good candidate for a redesign. Improving a workflow requires going deep inside how it currently works by studying existing documentation and communicating extensively with personnel who perform a workflow′s tasks. Documentation is then created to capture both the current state and proposed future state of a workflow. While the future state may take advantage of technology to streamline a workflow, sometimes simply having an outside set of eyes bring a fresh perspective to something is enough to identify unnecessary steps for removal which can bring enormous and immediate benefits. Other times, technology will play a role, but we are not advocates for building what can be bought. If a business application is already in the marketplace that can support your workflow, that will likely be preferred over diving into any sort of custom build. This is where Skypunch′s extensive familiarity with what′s available in the market can prove an invaluable asset for your organization. Should taking advantage of the AWS cloud be appropriate for your situation, we have the architects and developers with the know-how to do that also.
  • selecting, deploying and integrating business applications. This includes systems such as:
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Content Management Systems (CMS)
      • Association Management Systems (AMS)
      • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
      • Document Management Systems (DMS)
      • Event Management Systems (EMS)
      • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
      • marketing
      • expense reporting
      • accounting and much more.

    Perhaps you’re at a stage in your business performance optimization journey where you already know you need to purchase or replace a system and just want outside help managing the process of selecting, deploying and integrating that system into your existing technology ecosystem. Our experience and market familiarity can shepherd that process through to completion for you.

  • managing IT projects. Perhaps you already know what you want, but just need some project management expertise to support your team. Skypunch was co-founded by a PMP (Project Management Professional) with years of experience working on IT projects of all types and sizes. We can help with that.

Whatever you need, let’s talk. If we recognize we’re not a good fit for a project, we’ll tell you so.