Amazon Web Services Consulting

Amazon Web Services Consulting

Amazon Web Services Consulting

The AWS-certified experts from Skypunch Technology specialize in helping clients realize the full potential of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. AWS is changing what it means for your organization to have a well-architected information technology framework with offerings that include:

  • data storage solutions that are more cost-effective, secure and reliable than you’ve been using.
  • compute capabilities that support expansion to internet scale without having to think about or manage servers.
  • database services that allow focusing on building great applications without getting bogged down in the minutiae of managing and optimizing databases.
  • caching tools to increase the performance of your application.
  • migration and deployment tools for both your servers and data that, along with Blue/Green deployments, virtually eliminate the risk and downtime historically associated with making updates or performing migrations.

While migrating operations from a legacy or on-premise data center to the more mature AWS platform can bring immediate benefits including cost, security, durability and more, this conservative “lift and shift” approach, where an application or some piece of infrastructure is dropped into AWS with little to no modification, does not result in a cloud-native product, nor is it likely to be a well-architected solution. Realizing the true beauty of cloud computing means exploiting such things as:

  • serverless computing
  • horizontal auto-scaling
  • treating infrastructure as code
  • self-healing systems
  • and much more

This is where Skypunch can help. Regardless of where you are in your journey to AWS, whether it’s getting your feet wet for the first time with something simple; looking for a highly durable and cost-optimized data storage solution; fully migrating an on-premise IT infrastructure; or something totally different, working with AWS-certified developers and solution architects ensures compliance with best practices so you will be in a position to scale effortlessly as demands change. This is a step forward versus the old practice of provisioning technology infrastructure for some theoretical projection of what might be needed in three years, or provision for peaks in processing demands over the next six months. Instead, IT departments may now focus on building world-class products and services, and allow compute resources to scale intelligently when needed, and scale down when demands decrease so you pay only for what you need, only when you need it. This means:

  1. even the smallest organizations may tap into the same global infrastructure as the world’s largest web properties.
  2. IT procurement no longer needs to be treated as a capital expense, but as a more nimble operational expense.

Given all that is available through AWS (and it’s growing weekly) approaching it for the first time may seem daunting. The truth is not all the services are intended for every customer. Some are specific to the gaming industry, others to artificial intelligence and so on. Skypunch knows what is right for your use case and can embed with existing IT staff for the duration of your project, or provide a full turn-key solution involving both infrastructure and application development. Near project completion, Skypunch can either transfer knowledge to existing staff who then take over, or Skypunch can provide continued support through a managed service agreement. Each engagement is different and we’re flexible so let’s talk.