The Skypunch Technology Story

Skypunch Technology was founded in 2002 when it introduced one of the world’s first online voting solutions. While that service continues to evolve and remains the flagship offering, the company has also expanded to offer Amazon Web Services consulting and has assembled a network of some of the most experienced and talented AWS-certified solution architects, administrators, and developers available.


David Simms

David began working with Amazon Web Services in 2014 when another company he created needed a Content Delivery Network. Amazon’s CloudFront emerged as the preferred choice and from there, he has continued to adopt more of the many storage, database, caching and compute services available through AWS.

Before that, David spent five years as a content developer and another thirteen as a website developer for a large association in Washington, DC where duties included website development; business system selection and deployment; technical writing; business workflow analysis; migrating paper-driven processes to an electronic format; and much more.

David is certified by Human Factors International as a Certified Usability Analyst and by AWS in the following:

AWS Solutions ArchitectAWS SysOps AdministratorAWS Cloud Practitioner


Vantage Ventures Residency

Skypunch Technology is proud to be a resident company of Vantage Ventures. Founded in 2019 by former Cisco Systems CEO, John Chambers, and operating out of West Virginia University, Vantage lends support to West Virginia´s innovative technology companies. Visit the Vantage Ventures website to learn more.


So What About That Name?

We thought you might ask. Skypunch is another name for a fallstreak hole which is a very cool phenomenon that happens in clouds during certain weather conditions. We also make very cool things happen in the cloud—okay, different type of cloud, but just play along. Couple that with the fact that it’s just fun to say and there you have it.