The Skypunch Technology Story

Skypunch Technology Inc. was founded by two veteran information technology professionals with years of experience in the association, government and non-profit sectors. They have assembled a team of highly experienced and AWS-certified developers and solution architects along with web designers, database administrators and more.


  • David Simms

    David SimmsDavid first began working with Amazon Web Services in 2014 when another company he created, ElectionsOnline, needed an affordable and easy-to-use Content Delivery Network. After reviewing the options, Amazon’s CloudFront emerged as the preferred choice. From there, David’s use of AWS expanded to S3, RDS, EC2, Route 53, Lambda and other AWS services.

    Before that, David spent more than 18 years working as a website developer for a very large professional membership association and non-profit in Washington, DC where duties included business system selection and deployment; technical writing; business workflow analysis; migrating paper-driven processes to an electronic format; and much more.

    David is certified by AWS as both a Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect. When he isn’t deep into tech projects, he’s probably fly fishing West Virginia’s trout streams.

  • Lyle Holden

    Lyle HoldenFollowing eight years as a Marine Officer, Lyle’s work history spans twenty-five years of technology, leadership, and fiscal management experience including the successful management of corporate financial operations; ERP and human resources package implementation and deployment; and extensive project and people management expertise. In addition, he holds Master of Science degrees in Business Administration and Management Science; a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and he is a graduate of The Executive Program (TEP) at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

    With SkyPunch, Lyle is responsible for software development activities including new management initiatives and aligning business objectives with our strategic direction. He has also held technical and management positions at Citibank, Anderson Consulting, Broad Point Technologies, and the District of Columbia Bar.


Skypunch operates globally from its two primary physical locations in Charleston, WV and Washington, DC. By maintaining a powerful virtual presence, Skypunch can meet is clients’ needs quickly and efficiently through personal contacts either online or face-to-face.

So What About That Name?

Fair question. Skypunch is another name for a fallstreak hole which is a very cool phenomenon that happens in clouds during certain weather conditions. Since our work involves making very cool things happen in the AWS cloud we thought the name was a perfect fit.